Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playskool @ the zoo!

Our Playskool experience at the zoo was fun! Although it was quite early, we got there about 7:15am!! Yup u red me!! My eyes and Johnna's too, were barely open. The kids (I'ris, Evan and Nathan) had a blast, although Evan hates his mom because she wont let him play in the water. lol They got to ride a camel thanks to *Roc*. :) Evan can you quit squeezing I'ris against the front bar?!?! GOSH! lol

They got to ride some power wheels!!
Nathan drives better than his mom!

Evan wanted to drive with the cool kid, who doesn't even know how to drive!

One of the staff members had to help them navigate though the tracks because I'ris doesn't know how to drive. HA! Then he made them peel out and do a couple donuts. Take a good look people this is the future right here!!

And while they ride, we watch!!
(O ya and take pictures of ourselves)

<---- America's Next top model and her Tia Phia!

By this time, its hot and getting crowded. Did somebody say "It's gettin hot in herre, so take off all your clothes!!"

So what do we do??? That's right people, we get wet and enjoyed the next 30 minutes in the sun cause its getting hotter and hotter and almost time for the adults to take a nap!!

Another fun day at Phoenix Zoo!!