Saturday, October 25, 2008

Festival dancing

I'ris went to Sara's Fall school festival last night and broke it down for everyone!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My lilttle ballerina

Intermediate Swimmer No More!!

Well, Its happened folks!!! I'ris graduated her Intermediate Survival swim class!! Yaaaaay WooooooHoooooo. Her challenge, should she choose to accept. Which she did, was to jump in and roll over to a floating position (airplane). Then roll to her stomach and kick kick kick to the steps in a supergirl position. Last, but not least, she had to be able to jump in, turn around and grap the edge of the pool. And....... SHE DID IT!! Tuesday October 21, 2008 is another noted day in our calender. I was able to record but for some reason cant load them to this blog, but... I have attached the links for you to view them. They are short but so exciting to see!! :)

Part 1- Jump in and float

Part 2- Swim to step

Part 3- Jump in and turn around

Part 4- The announcent

Part 5- The Award

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arizona State Fair !!!

My baby went to the fair today and got to bull ride!! Yay

Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCormick Steel Fair

Today was a big suprise for I'ris and Nathan! They loved the train rides, so did Johnna. Roc and I got to enjoy the fresh air on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.They got to see all kinds of hobby train sets, and even power them up.

The best part was riding the train!! It went all around the park.

Johnna got to ride her first MarryGoRound. An man she held on tight.

The kids (I'ris and Nathan) got to have their face painted. While lil Johnna Marie did what she does best, chewed on her shoe that is.

I'ris loves her lil cousin Johnna Maries!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

America's Next Top Model Photoshoot

So, the Model's day starts out with a little rest relaxation and fun.......

After determining which wordrobe she will use for her shoot today, she begins her photoshoot..........

Now the action really starts.......

Thats right baby, a little to the left now, ok now smile and hold on like your on a ride......

Stike a pose!!! Yes!! Now give me a serious face....Thats it.... alittle to the right......

Its all worth it in the end... :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

??Did anyone know that Turtles bark???

So.......... Did anyone know that turtles bark and kick there back legs up during copulation?? Well they do and i seen it with my own two eyes!! It was pretty hillarious!! lmao

We also learned that the male turtle dosent stop until the female moves out from under him. Meaning if she doesnt move this can go on for hours.

**This is just FYI!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playskool @ the zoo!

Our Playskool experience at the zoo was fun! Although it was quite early, we got there about 7:15am!! Yup u red me!! My eyes and Johnna's too, were barely open. The kids (I'ris, Evan and Nathan) had a blast, although Evan hates his mom because she wont let him play in the water. lol They got to ride a camel thanks to *Roc*. :) Evan can you quit squeezing I'ris against the front bar?!?! GOSH! lol

They got to ride some power wheels!!
Nathan drives better than his mom!

Evan wanted to drive with the cool kid, who doesn't even know how to drive!

One of the staff members had to help them navigate though the tracks because I'ris doesn't know how to drive. HA! Then he made them peel out and do a couple donuts. Take a good look people this is the future right here!!

And while they ride, we watch!!
(O ya and take pictures of ourselves)

<---- America's Next top model and her Tia Phia!

By this time, its hot and getting crowded. Did somebody say "It's gettin hot in herre, so take off all your clothes!!"

So what do we do??? That's right people, we get wet and enjoyed the next 30 minutes in the sun cause its getting hotter and hotter and almost time for the adults to take a nap!!

Another fun day at Phoenix Zoo!!

Older than a quarter of a century!!

Happy Birthday to Jesse (Papa)!!
I'ris (I helped too :) made a blue birthday cake. She said it was delicious!!! It was hilarious when she sang to him, she sounded scared and nervous. She started loud but after the "to you" part her voice disappeared and her eyes went from side to side. lol

Swim fishy swim!!

I have become a happier parent!! I'ris has been in swim lessons since May '07. Yesterday in swim class she completed a very important goal in swim lessons. Here's the story:
"I'ris has been learning how to float (air-plane)for the longest time. She is being taught that when you fall in water, whether it be off of a step, in a pool or lake, if you can breath and don't know how to swim than you float until someone comes to help you. Well, during swim lessons she stepped off of the step without being told to, and couldn't reach her teacher. So she hurried up and turned back to the step. Luckily she wasn't that far. When the instructor seen what she was doing she pulled her back and reminded her "if you cant breath, then you air-plane". The instructor then took her back to the step and gave her direction. "I'ris, I want you to swim out again and if you cant breath roll to your air-plane, ok?" So, I'ris smiled and jumped out in the water and immediately rolled to her air-plane!!! This moment actually brought a tear to my eye. I felt as if I had learned how to float. I was so excited! She was now able to do what she had been trying to do for quite some time now. And she/we got to experience this fun exciting moment with her father who was visiting."
To add to that exciting moment, Nathan (my nephew) gradiated (as he and I'ris would say!) his level! But some little snot nosed kid killed his glory and punched him in the nose and gave him a bloody nose. And that is the day in the life of US! :)