Thursday, October 23, 2008

Intermediate Swimmer No More!!

Well, Its happened folks!!! I'ris graduated her Intermediate Survival swim class!! Yaaaaay WooooooHoooooo. Her challenge, should she choose to accept. Which she did, was to jump in and roll over to a floating position (airplane). Then roll to her stomach and kick kick kick to the steps in a supergirl position. Last, but not least, she had to be able to jump in, turn around and grap the edge of the pool. And....... SHE DID IT!! Tuesday October 21, 2008 is another noted day in our calender. I was able to record but for some reason cant load them to this blog, but... I have attached the links for you to view them. They are short but so exciting to see!! :)

Part 1- Jump in and float

Part 2- Swim to step

Part 3- Jump in and turn around

Part 4- The announcent

Part 5- The Award

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