Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pre-K 08-09 Celebration Awards

What a fun time to experience with your child. I stayed the whole morning with I'ris on Wednesday. She, we had a fun day!! I helped organized the awards for the preschoolers award ceremony, while I'ris helped set up the Hawaiian themed decorations. Then the kids had their breakfast, applesauce, milk, apple juice and bread. We decorated some more and all the preschoolers had a special gift for all the kindergartner's that were going to be moving on to 1st grade, a cloth painted bag with a book, pencil and home made play doe that the preschoolers made for them. Then they headed outside for some party play time. There was a bubble are, face painting, magic water bottles, wagons, and water toys. Then time to clean up cause all the mommy's, daddy's, sister's, brother's and grandparents were arriving to watch the preschoolers graduate. She got her face painted. Awwww how purrrrtyLining up after play time :)My bubble blowerShe was trying to figure out what she was putting in her magic water bottleA pic with Mrs Nhem (the suns in my eyes mama)Eric's pulling I'ris :)Mrs. Brenda and I'risA lil song and dance before the awardsYaaaaay she gets her Achievement Award!!Now for the best part of the morning, ICE CREAM!!!......AND COOKIES!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Jesse!!

Make a wish!!! and......................Blow out the candles.Jesse wanted to bite his cake,.... but ended up gumming his cake. You see he has no front top teeth, so needless to say an ice cream cake is gonna be really cold on your teethless gums.Cheese!! Heeeyyyyy who put the bunny ears up?!?So easy even a cave man can do it!! LOLHappy 7th Birth day lil papa =)His Spider man balloon talked, it was so cool. It said something like "Hi this is your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, and I hear someones having a birthday!" It said a whole lot more that I cant remember, but he loved it. Until we went to his moms and it popped in her ceiling fan!! :/

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our T-Ball Player

Our day started off early on Saturday. I'ris first game and also picture day! Pictures were at 10:45 am, so it started a long day.Then, a little practice at 12:15 pm, which was so cute to watch. Then, batter UP!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Asparagus Festival '09

I'ris, Jesse and I had a great time at the Asparagus Bestibal (as the kids say it) this year. I havent been to the Asparagus Festival since it used to be heald off of 8 Mile Road!! We had alot of fun. There were alot of little kitty rides so I'ris had fun on those, and Jesse had fun in the Jumpers and Slides :) The kids enjoyed a cup of Moose Tracks Dip N Dots together.
The best part for all of us was the fries!! Then it got windy and of course my allergies got the best of me so we decided to head home.
Mmmmmmm mmmmm mmm Asparagus!!!