Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCormick Steel Fair

Today was a big suprise for I'ris and Nathan! They loved the train rides, so did Johnna. Roc and I got to enjoy the fresh air on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.They got to see all kinds of hobby train sets, and even power them up.

The best part was riding the train!! It went all around the park.

Johnna got to ride her first MarryGoRound. An man she held on tight.

The kids (I'ris and Nathan) got to have their face painted. While lil Johnna Marie did what she does best, chewed on her shoe that is.

I'ris loves her lil cousin Johnna Maries!!

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  1. AW... My sisters are so pretty! I love you guys! And my babies too. =) See you in a few weeks!!! YAY!