Friday, December 12, 2008

Ornament Creations for X-mas '08

I decided to make this a memorable Christmas for I'ris and myself, by creating our own ornaments for our Christmas tree. We made 8 plastic ornaments that were decorated with different color foam shapes and decorated with gold glitter.
First, we decorated the plastic ornaments with colored foam shapes.
We had RED, SILVER, BLUE and PURPLE ornaments, with GREEN, LIGHT BLUE, RED, and WHITE foam shapes.Then we added a little glue so our GOLD glitter would stick.Then, time for glitter!!!! And, there you have it!!! Our beautiful ornaments!!We also made Snowflake ornaments. Glitter always makes ornaments stande out. We had so much fun creating our Christmas ornaments. We glued, we glittered, we foamed, we listened to Christmas music, but the best part was we got to spend quality time that I hope my daughter will remember just a little part of with the help of these ornaments :)

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