Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1st day of Pre-K

What an exciting time!! My baby's 1st day of school.
So before I'ris started school she was haunted by the idea of actually going to school. Every time you mentioned the word SCHOOL, she would panic and cry. Well, I guess she came to terms with the fact that it was inevidable!!! She was going to have to go to SCHOOL. We tried to convience her that she would have fun and meet new friends, but she still declined until...........about 4 days before school started, she all of a sudden was excited to start SCHOOL! I have no idea what happened except for her brother telling her she could be really smart and read like him. So......... Monday morning, time to get up....o so we go, get dressed, brush your hair, brush your teeth and have some breakfast. Then, off to SCHOOL. We meet the teacher, Ms. Brenda, who seems like an awesome teacher, then she meet a couple of classmates, picked a cubbie, Ms. Brenda showed I'ris where the potty was just in case. And as she is coming out of the potty I here her ask "Where's my moma", then I see her peek her head out the restroom and say "Moma I want you to leave now!" Needless to say, all she needed to know was where the restroom was and it was ALL good!! So... I left and when it was time to go home she said she loved SCHOOL and was ready to come back tomorrow. :)
What a relief!! Now.....after only a week of SCHOOL, she starts spring break, we were thinking maybe Cancun?!?!?!?

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