Monday, February 16, 2009

The Broken Clavicle :(

So, Ima bone crusher. On Sunday after getting home, it was raining of course. I'ris fell asleep so I was carrying her in and I slipped and twisted my ankle and fell. I'ris went back and landed on her left shoulder.

The wait.......1 hour, I'ris is called back by the triage nurse. We have to wait for x-ray to call her back.

2nd hour....... wait, wait, wait!

3rd hour.......... "The X-RAY"

Ahhhhh @#$%!!!! Its Broke!!

"Its ok mommy, its our fault......... Why did you brake my collar bone??"....."It was an accident baby, I slipped." ....... "Okay mommy, dont do it again, K?" ...... and I cried and cried so she cried and cried.


A sling!! That she doesnt like.

She is doing fine, she just wont lift her left arm. Says it doesnt hurt until she makes a muscle.
SOOOOOOOOOO......... I feel like crap! She told the doctor I dropped her and broke her arm and that she made me cry when the man showed her the pictures (x-rays). Immediately after finally seeing the x-ray film, I cried and cried and crap, I still cant stop crying. She was not in pain but wont stop crying cause mommy keeps crying. After seeing the films we sit back in the Room #5 and cry and cry. Then call family to update them. finally the doctor comes in and gives her pain medicine and a sling and says "Well, she broke her clavicle, she will need to wear a sling because it cant be casted. It will take 4 weeks to heal, a calus will form where the break is and it will naturally straighten out and vwala, a new bone. But, not running or jumping." And all I can think is ya and no dropping right?!?! So she hates the sling. I have never broken a bone in my bodie, I have dislocated, but never broken one. And now, I broke my kids! What a mom huh!

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